Welcome to Vandera Stuff

Vandera stuff began as a union of artists who wanted to showcase the passion of creativity between them. Taking many strides and leaps, Vandera Stuff has turned to become a builder of community and feminine power through sharing the healing energies of the earth. Situated on the top of a mountain over looking all of Vancouver, Vandera Stuff takes inspiration from the surroundings of this lovely city. With its oceans that bring sea life to our front door, to the large cedar stands that bring mystery with their ancient souls. This is what inspires the designs that emerge in the work of Vandera Stuff, where forrest meets ocean and bohemia meets modern style.


Tasha V

Owner, Marketer, Photographer, Jewelry Designer

I am a 25 year old Support Worker who supervises a Homeless Shelter, who finds helping people to be a big source of happiness, but with a real a need for artistic creativity! I love to experiment with an out going and eccentric style which is always changing.

Believing in building a world where millennials are driven, creative and passionate business owners. Using her art to lift other women in spirit and style, to empower and inspire others to create their own world just as she is!


You can visit my Etsy Shop to see all our shop policies. We ship worldwide and if you live in the Vancouver area, give me a shout for FREE SHIPPING codes.


Here at Vandera Stuff, I’ve built a small online community of like minded jewelry artists and friendly folk who have been following and posting with us regularly. You can find me on Instagram: @vanderastuff, which is one of my largest hubs of supportive friendship and strong willed passion. You can follow us for exciting contests and exclusive IG only crystal giveaways!


You can also find me on Pinterest: @Vandera Stuff! Here, not only can you follow my lovely Jewels by Vandera Stuff board, catching all our gems as soon as they hit the shop, but you can also follow our other passions and interests. I love home decor, fashion, art, nature, crystals and healing, food and much more. If you’re a Pinterest fan give Vandera Stuff a follow. I’ll follow you back and then we can share ideas and pretty photos with each other!


imageYou can also find Vandera Stuff on Twitter as well as on Tumblr. I wanted to include those that want a quick blog – that little tidbit of healing we can provide you each day. Any way to put a smile on a friend’s face. If you like to share photos on Tumblr or want to see all my updates and posts on Twitter, then follow now and share!

Now when it comes to Facebook, this is a world that I have been trying to move away from, but when it comes to the Fans of Vandera Stuff, this is where so many live. Facebook is  a beautiful way to connect and through my page I have found so much support and kindness. Join me and like Vandera Stuff on Facebook for amazing deals, sales and new friends!

Thank you so much for sharing in this journey with me. I would love to hear feedback from you and ask that you don’t feel shy in commenting or messaging me anytime with any question or comment. I hope you are filled with bliss while reading with me and that my words share meaning, encouragement and love with you!

Sending you creativity and light,

Tasha- Vandera Stuff