About The Girls

Our store is a collective between two best friends who have known each other since middle school. We love music, playing instruments and singing, cooking with friends, TV show marathons, laughing at stupid jokes, and most of all art projects! We created this store as a way to showcase our projects and art. The two of us enjoy getting crafty together and decided it was time we share it with the world.


We both have very different styles but compliment each other in the best of ways. Aj being more organic and detail oriented and Tasha more experimental and eccentric, we have a wide range style for many to connect with. We wanted to be a collective because we believe in a communal way of business, sharing it together to create stronger connections with customers. We want you to feel like you are receiving a gift from a close friend, like it was handcrafted for only you and it’s one of a kind. We bring our heart and soul into each piece of art because we know that kind of care can be felt by the true owner as they enjoy their special find. Every piece in our store is inspired by you, a beauty in each its own special way! A genuine original!

Tasha V

Owner, Marketer, Photographer, Jewelry Designer

Tasha is a 24 year old Homelessness Support Worker who finds helping people to be a big source of happiness, but has a need for artistic creativity! She loves to experiment and has an out going and eccentric style which is always changing.


Aj F

Owner, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Jewelry Designer

Aj is a 24 year old Graphic Designer with an eye for detail and passion for the arts. She excels in music and has a taste for freelance artistry, driving her to be her own boss. She as well is a projects person always trying new things and exploring.

You can visit our Etsy Shop to see all our shop policies. We ship worldwide and if you live in the Vancouver area, give us a shout before you shop! We can knock off our shipping costs and hand deliver to you. We want to make new friends and meeting in person is such a lovely way to do so!

Here at Vandera Stuff, we’ve built a small online community of like minded jewelry artists and friendly folk who have been following and posting with us regularly. You can find us on Instagram: @vanderastuff, which is our largest hub of supportive friendship and strong willed passion. You can follow us for exciting contests and exclusive IG only crystal giveaways!


You can also find us on Pinterest: @Vandera Stuff! Here, not only can you follow our lovely Jewels by Vandera Stuff board, catching all our gems as soon as they hit the shop, but you can also follow our other passions and interests. We love home decor, fashion, art, nature, crystals and healing, food and many, many more. If you’re a Pinterest fan give us a follow. We will follow you back and then we can share ideas and pretty photos with each other!

imageRecently we’ve expanded out to include Vandera Stuff on Twitter as well as on Tumblr. We wanted to include those that want a quick blog – that little tidbit of healing we can provide you each day. Any way to put a smile on a friend’s face. If you like to share photos on Tumblr or want to see all our updates and posts on Twitter, then follow us and share!

Lastly we have a mailing list! If you would like to be a part of our inner circle then fill out the form below for exclusive deals and updates! We want you to know first about any sales we are having giving you first pick of any unique gems we have in our shop. Also you will be entered in our Monthly Friendship Freebie Giveaway which takes place at the end of each month!

Thank you so much for sharing in this journey with us. We would love to hear feedback from you and ask that you don’t feel shy in commenting or messaging us anytime with any question or comment. We hope you are filled with bliss while reading with us and that our words share meaning, encouragement and love with you!

Sending you creativity and light,

Tasha and Aj Vandera

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