Halloween Magic for a Positive Witch

As someone who finds herself very in tune with the energies that surround her, bringing a heightened sensitivity to not only what creatures walk within these planes, but also those which dwell within the places we cannot see or go, I find that this Autumn season can also bring forth the need for a lot more emotional self care.

Have you been noticing more movement in your environment?

For me October always brings more activity starting with odd dreams. Usually these dreams hold people who I have lost, but they are usually happy due to being surrounded by light which seems to be coming from me. As if I am their beacon although they chose to follow the wrong light and are lost. Often I wake up tired, drained and feeling somewhat numb throughout the day, feeling like there was an energy shift from me to the dream in the night.

This year, maybe due to my current emotional state in life, or maybe due to so many recent losses in 2018, I have also been experiencing physical movement. This first started when I was at work and felt someone poke me in the side. I turned around 360 degrees and to my curiosity no one was there. I work in a place where we happen to have many cameras so I replayed the camera to see if I could see anything. There was nothing visible but my reaction was so real and true, like I honestly knew someone had been there. The thing is, I think I knew exactly who this could have been, and if I am correct, it was a humorous inside joke which made me smile. Physical movement also manifested itself in moving furniture such as lamps and ripping curtains down around my house during the night. Things that never spooked me as I always felt I knew just who was doing what.

And just as always, on the night of these occasions would be that draining dream, pulling my energy into the light surrounding me and feeding it to my loved ones.

So much activity that I decided to boost up my self care plans and thought you might need some help as well.


There are many crystals that are great for protection, which in this case protecting my personal space as well as holding onto my own energy is the goal.

Black Kyanite is an amazing shield as well as weapon in cutting unhealthy emotional ties, protection your positivity from those who feast upon it. Connecting with Kyanite’s energy when your own energy is drained, forces you to evaluate what’s getting you down. When you decipher what energy is yours, and what energy has been stuck to you, you can set about releasing that toxic negativity.


black tourmaline ABlack Tourmaline is a great crystal for protecting your space by releasing negative energies that are stuck to you. This also works well really well in combination with Smokey Quartz, which draws in negative energy and replaces it back to the Earth. Place some Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz near the entrances of your home to keep your space clear from negative energies in the outside world.



Tumbled-Hematite-Brazil---Tumbled-Stones-03Hematite is a wonderful stone for grounding and can be an amazing aid for those restless nights. Sleeping with hematite beside or below you can help ground those spiritual beings that are drawing power from your positivity, helping you to place an emotional shield around you while you rest. When I sleep with Hematite in my room I can feel the fears and worries of those loved ones calm as they draw from its protecting forces, rather than mine.


I also love the sunny disposition of Citrine when I am feeling low energy. Citrine brings an upbeat and uplifting spirit with its golden yellow hues. Citrine is a stone of positivity and joy, which means its an amazing stone for restoring that lovely positive spirit within you.



burningsage2Sage is a beautiful herb that when burned can help to dispel any negative energies within a space as it cleanses and purifies the home. I find this also really helps in combination with my usual self care routine to rid my space of any emotional weights I may carry. Burning within my pretty Abalone bowl, I walk throughout my home clockwise wafting the streams  of silky smoke in every corner, and entrance way as I chant something that suits my needs at the time. For home and spirit protection I said the following…

To all those spirits of whom I love

Leave me space to cultivate my own energy

To all those spirits of whom I love

Leave me power to draw from the Earth each day

To all those spirits whom I love

I send you forth into your spirit plane to find peace and happiness

Bless this home and watch over me

Clearing out energy in ones surrounding place enables neutral energy, which naturally helps with intuition. In asking those spirits to leave me space, while providing tools to help them find what they are looking for from my energy in hopes they will find their way, I am allowing for their presences to remain while clearing the spaces within the physical plane. I encourage you to develop your own spell to suit the needs of your home, whether you want negative beings to vacate or just to create space from loved ones that need you.


Working alongside a healthy diet, exercise and lots of me time, these are a few ways to bump up that self care routine when you’re feeling those empath blues. Developing your self care plan is a major aspect in creating stress relief and personal well being, and as someone who often finds space for other beings and spirits, this is an especially important part of grounding back to the basics of your true self.

I would love to hear how you dispel of extra spiritual vibrations during peak times in your life! Comment or message me. ❤

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