Vandera’s Best Loved

This is a super cool month of our favourite things as Aj has traveled far and wide recently to discover some new favourites. This month we are showing of a mix of both Vancouver darlings and some gems from Europe. We hope this inspires you to share your favourites in your cities with us!

1. Red Cat Records


We love music, and have always been fans of Vinyl Records. Both Tasha and Aj grew up listening to their parents old records, and now they are both so happy to see that a resurgence is taking place amongst new music.

Records-1Here in Vancouver, one of our favourite places to acquire new records is Red Cat Records! recently they have expanded to open their second store in East Van as well as their original store in the Mount Pleasant Area. They offer almost any genre you can think of, with a wide variety of underground electronic, metal, pop, modern and classic rock.


If you are a vinyl lover and if ever you visit Vancouver, Red Cat Records is definitely a place we think you should explore!


2. Ducky Bike!

Getting lost in Amsterdam is easy to do. With all the narrow streets and alleyways congested by pedestrians and cyclists, you sometimes don’t register your surroundings trying to dodge them all.




Amsterdam is a weird place and the Dutch are funny people. We one day stumbled upon this interesting bicycle!


I’m a tourist who just stepped out of a coffee shop in Amsterdam. So yes, I had to stop and take a picture of this glorious, rubber ducky covered bike!


It’s well known that Amsterdam is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world. There are 165 canals, and every year between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes are fished from those canals! Having thousands of bikes at the bottom of the canals makes it unsafe to swim in. Although, if you hang around the Red Light District late enough you’ll probably witness a drunken swimmer or two who have fallen in. I’d like to think this rubber ducky bike would float in the canal if it ever did find its way there.


3. Vancouver Rock Stackers


Photo credit: Rikki / Julius Reque on Flickr

Here in Vancouver we have so many cool artists who use nature and the outdoors to inspire and create. If ever you take the time to walk along the shores of our cities, you might get the chance to witness some of these amazing artists at work.

In 2010 the city of Vancouver erect an Inukshuk in the spirit of welcoming the world in friendship, and was a symbol of togetherness for all Canadians who are continuing to grow and embrace the true cultures of our nation.

Steveson-Rock-Stacking (1)

In and around these shores you can find many zen-like artists building their own Inukshuks, leaving these statues that we find to be full of strength and will. They seem to defy physics, and leave an energy behind that is powerful. If ever you walk along the shores at night, it almost feels as if you are being watched by these stone figures. We hope you will check them out next time you visit Vancouver!


4. The sunset in Chania, Greece

Chania-Old-TownIt was our last few nights in Greece and we spent it on the southern island of Crete. Chania is a beautiful city along the north coast of the island that can be divided into the old town and the modern city. We spent our time in the old town by the old Venetian harbor.

Chania has such a laid back, beach town vibe to it. Everyone is super happy and friendly, and why wouldn’t you be when the Mediterranean Sea is practically your backyard?

Hanging out at the promenade I stumbled upon a fellow jewelry maker. I bought this cute mother of pearl necklace from her and chatted a little about where we were from and our time in Greece. She recommended a restaurant to us across the harbour.



Chania-DinnerHaving a delicious Greek dinner and splitting a bottle of wine at sunset by the water was the most romantic setting. (Granted I was travelling with my gay roommate – but hey, we play it up sometimes!). We ordered a cheesy clam dish, rabbit stew, baba ganoush and a bottle of fancy sauvignon blanc – best meal ever!

With our bottle of wine we went on an after-dinner stroll to the old Venetian lighthouse at the end of the pier and watched the sun disappear. It was the most magnificent sunset I’d ever witnessed.


5. Rocky Point Ice Cream

In Port Moody BC, if you fallow the shore line up the inlet from Vancouver you will find a lovely gem of a park called Rocky Point. There sits a little ice cream shop that has so many exciting flavours we just had to share it as one of our favourites this month!


DSC_0002Every time we go there we have such a difficult time picking! Getting torn between Banana Fudge, Earl Grey with Honey, Lavender, and of course Chocolate. We find it best to just go there often and alternate through the favourites list. 


Port Moody is also home to an amazing golden strip, featuring 4 craft breweries that line the park. Rocky Point Ice Cream has used them to their advantage having created a stout and a pale ale beer ice cream from 2 of the breweries across the way! If you are a craft beer lover we strongly recommend you check them out!


One more thing we love about Rocky Point Ice Cream is the DOGS! They have created a doggie ice cream so that you can treat everyone’s favourite family member too! Served up on a cone, it’s so fun to watch all the doggies big and small chow down on their delicious dippy treat! We don’t haven have a dog but this is how we get our dog fill, just going there and laughing with them!


We want to hear what you think of this month’s favourites, and share with us yours too! We love to check out new places and will definitely explore your favourites too!

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