Simple Pearl on Leather Choker

These Beautiful Pearls were given to me by a friend who had found them but had no use for them. Turns out it was a real one! So We turned it into this Sexy and Elegant little choker on Leather.


The Pearl is wrapped in Copper wire accented with the beauty of your reflection. We have it on a black leather cord and finished with a chain to give you some adjustability with your outfits.

BPL-000_View1Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are believed to attract wealth and luck as well as offer protection. Known for their calming effect, pearls can balance one’s karma, strengthen relationships, and keep children safe. The pearl is also said to symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer. They also help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy, and bring love energy.

She is such a cute and simple little addition to you shop. Check out this Baby and her sisters in our Chokers Love Line only at Vandera Stuff!

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