Macrame Love!

Totally vintage, Macramé has become popular among the American neo-hippie and grunge crowd, starting in the early 1970s. Using mainly square knots and granny knots, and often features handmade glass beads and natural elements such as bone and shell.

Vandera’s Best Loved

This is a super cool month of our favourite things as Aj has traveled far and wide recently to discover some new favourites. This month we are showing of a mix of both Vancouver darlings and some gems from Europe. We hope this inspires you to share your favourites in your cities with us!

Simple Pearl on Leather Choker

Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. Helping one connect with the Goddess, pearls bring the ultimate feminine energy, and love energy. Check this lovely gem out at Vandera Stuff!

Crystal Healing Lotus Bracelet in Moonstone and Amethyst

Feminine and pretty while holding all the strength of mother nature herself! This stunning and powerful bracelet is beaded with Peachy Moonstone, Pearl and Amethyst! Such an energizing bracelet full of strength and soothing qualities, and it comes in a set of 2! Only at Vandera Stuff on Etsy!

Ruby- July’s Stone of Passion

July is the month of the Ruby! Rubies are firey and passionate stones that have always been sought after by those of royal decent. It is a valued stone of prosperity and protection and is a representitve of the sun.