Vandera Stuff’s Shout Outs!- Building Community of Feminine Artists

Every month here at Vandera Stuff, we are making new friends and expanding our network of like minded Jewelry Designers and Professional Crafters. They inspire us, drive us in marketing and social media, and we love to reach out and connect!


This is the first month of our Shout Outs! In this article we will help you get to know 5 of our New Friends, spotlighting their art and style, as well as getting to know them personally! Check out these amazing women who are pushing boundaries with their own businesses and creating a world where anything is possible!

Earthly Nebula

icm_fullxfull-127788071_6k10n7osr7ok8sgo80okThis is Samantha and her shop Earthly Nebula. She has been a major inspiration for us since day one, and we have been keeping an eye on her progress and growth. She makes stunning crystal crowns that are a boho hippie princess’s dream! We got to know her a little via the wonderful internet in a little interview, check it out! She’s a super cool chick with an out of this world yet natural style!

           “My name is Samantha. Im originally from the Arizona desert but currently live in Salt Lake City Utah. I make earthly and otherworldly crystal crowns for every kind of person. I started making crowns in December just last year. I knew I wanted to do something to channel my creative energy and started experimenting with wire and stones. This practice flourished into what I do today!”


1. From where do you draw your inspiration?

          “I love to put earthly elements into my designs such as flowers, the crystals themselves or organic flow of wire. I’m currently working on designs that are inspired by mother earth, fire, water and the moon. Space will always be my love and inspiration. I put otherworldly hints into my designs, whether it be something sparkling like a star or a blast of color similar to a nebula.”


2. Tell me about the products you have created and produced.

       “I create crystal crowns in several different forms: headbands, hair combs in several lengths or styles, and circular crowns free formed with wire. I love adding chains, flowers, lace, beads and charms for a spark of something special.”

3. How do you prioritize your work when you have multiple projects to complete?

           “The time I have off from my part time work is precious to me and my creativity. I’ll make sure to listen to my muse and sketch out an idea first as soon as it comes to me. I prefer to work on one piece until completed. I love seeing the overall finished design right in front of my eyes. A tranformation of mind to paper to real life!” icm_fullxfull-127788069_k3vihrunqdwo4gko08sc

4. How do you plan for the future of your business and what factors do you consider?

        “I am consistently fighting a resistance to the future of my business. However, I overcome that by keeping busy with projects of new crown designs. I set small goals for myself and the crowns I create, completing them step by step. I take my progress in daily strides and accomplishments, one day at a time.”

5. How do you gauge success in your business?

          “Success to me is simply about my customers happiness. Every single customer, review, comment or like is a part of an earthly cycle that allows me to do what I am doing. Without my customers, and the connection we share, I wouldn’t be able to create my art in this world.”


Thanks Samantha! That was some great insight into who you are and your precess when it comes to your craft! If you love Earthy Nebula’s products, can follow Samantha to check out her stunning creations on instagram at or find her on facebook at And if you would like to become a customer with her head to her Etsy Shop at


Introducing CLeightEmbroidery, with our old friend Carmelle! Carmelle is a very old friend of us at Vandera Stuff, having grown up with both of us since we were toddlers. Having grown apart since highschool, we are elated to see Carmelle working so hard to build her own business, being such a strong and wonderful woman making her way in the world. Recently we reconnected and did a little interview to learn more about her shop and her motivations. Check it out!


          “I’m a 23 year old social worker working and living in Vancouver who likes cats, tea, and doing some cute embroidery on the side. Lover of all things baby pink and pretty. I find my inspiration from nature, goofiness, and my own brain after I haven’t had enough sleep. I mostly work as a commissioned artist, but do post pre-made pieces from time to time. Basically, I’m open to pretty much anything you could want to have embroidered! My IG is more up to date than my etsy, so I always suggest looking there for any inspiration :)”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset








1. What do you like most about your creative craft and why did you choose to pursue it as a career?

 icm_fullxfull-127110467_9jugiz1x7cw04wgsw4so            “I like that whenever I tell people I do hand embroidery, they don’t believe me because they think of it as a “granny past time”, and I like that I can embroider on anything fabric like shirts, blankets, patches, hoops, etc. To be 100% honest, after having a complete mental breakdown at 20, I took it up as a way to ease my anxiety. It worked!”

2. From where do you draw your inspiration?

              “I got inspired to start doing hand embroidery after seeing the work of Hannah Hanecdote, a british hand embroiderer around my age. Her work is amazing. I have since seen so many more embroidery artists I love, such as Josh (adipocere on instagram). For my own pieces, I find a lot of inspiration from nature, such as mushrooms, flowers, ferns, etc.”

3. What is your biggest challenge in owning and running your own business?

               “Toughest part is probably when people try to lowball to be honest. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand the time, effort, and cost of materials and assume I will give them an 8″ hoop for under $30, and it’s sometimes tough, but I always stand my ground and let people know they’re paying for quality hand-made, one of a kind pieces, and my prices reflect the time, heart, and effort I put into them.”

4. What is your greatest strength and how does it benefit you as a Crafter?

icm_fullxfull-122918846_9zxbzq1r5w080gcccwk8                 “I’d say that my ability to be flexible is super beneficial, as sometimes a customer will want something and change their mind, or I’ve stitched something already and they would prefer a different colour. I’m also pretty good at communicating, as my job outside of art is social work, so being able to be personable has definitely been helpful.”

5. What are your goals when it comes to your etsy shop?

              “I’d like to have more custom commissions put out into the world! I already have pieces in Canada, America, and France, why not a whole lot of countries? I just want to spread the love and show my art to the world, and I love making pieces that make people smile. That always makes it worth it.”


isla_500x500-22768783_hrp7d9l9Wow! Super cool how you’re using art and your personal business to build self care as well as support yourself in this ever changing city that is Vancouver. If you love embroidery or have a super cool idea for a piece you can contact and follow Carmelle at or you can check out her Etsy shop at



Meet Effie and her shop Hexelheim! Effie makes amazing woodland style electroformed jewelry using natural crystals and earthly bones for the pagan jewelry lover. We have been watching her shop for awhile now, and are drawing inspiration for her to expand our craft and knowledge. We felt it necessary to reach out and get to know this interesting Lady, and find out what makes her art so creative.



          “I am strongly inspired by raw and organic elements and have a fascination with spiritual symbolism and cultural iconography which is not limited to any one particular dogma. I’m a self-taught artist with a strong connection to the natural world who aspires to create one of a kind copper electroformed crystal & bone jewelry as well as a variety of spiritual goods and curiosities. I draw mainly from old Pagan beliefs, Hindu culture, Native American culture, Buddhist theology and Hoodoo lore. Hexelheim uses ethical sources for its animal components and supports local supply as often as is possible for its raw materials.”



1. From where do you draw your inspiration?

                 “Whether it’s sparkling amethyst, a rusted railroad spike or bone naturally weathered in the forest; the natural world has always been close to my heart and a source of great inspiration. Spiritual symbolism is also very inspiring; I find the simplicity of different symbols and their ability to cross cultures, language barriers and time beautiful. I’m also so grateful to be surrounded by beautifully inspired, supportive and creative individuals. I draw so much strength and inspiration from the fiery women in my life.”

2. Tell us about the products you have created and produced.

icm_fullxfull-123484192_q8nxq8x2c744cs4ccw0o                 “I aspire to create one of a kind copper electroformed jewelry using quality raw materials. I work with lovely hand selected or foraged; crystals, fossils, bone, foliage, flowers and curiosities.” 

3. How do you prioritize your work when you have multiple projects to complete?

                “I’m the type of person that enjoys a bit of managed chaos however; getting into a rhythm with your process is what I’ve found to be most important in avoiding becoming overwhelmed or creatively “stuck”.  Setting daily goals for creative/production time and sticking to them is how I function best, a daily adventure!”

4. How do you plan for the future of your business and what factors do you consider?

  icm_fullxfull-127677293_mfq6kflvj5wg4kkcs40w               “Short term I consider the seasons and holidays as well as trends in color and style. Long term, plans for my business involve personal development and growth. This includes investing time learning new techniques and improving skills with new or favored mediums. It is my goal to always continue to learn and grow.”

5. How do you gauge success in your business?

                  “I gauge success largely through customer feedback and personal growth over time.”


Effie and her shop Hexelheim really makes us want to learn more and expand our own craft. We love her incorporation of bones, and other earthly items, and hope that you do too! If you would like to shop with Hexelheim you can head to her Etsy page at you can also follow her on all her social media pages to stay up to date, and see all her new creations. Just head to or to



This is Allie and her shop saguntodesigns! She is a brand new friend of ours, and we really like her style. She’s driven to build her business and we think she will be making great waves over the next year with her designs. Get to know her a little!



1. What do you like most about your craft and why did you choose to pursue it as a career?

                “I go to the University of Georgia where I study Spanish. I wanted to have a creative outlet, but also incorporate the Spanish influence that I’m so passionate about, so I came up with Sagunto Designs. I love dreaming up new ideas that have a beachy, Spanish vibe that I can share with people here in the US. My favorite thing about my designs are that their different. I think that’s important in our world today. “

2. From where do you draw your inspiration?

icm_fullxfull-123572378_ghdd3pf4j88c044ggc0g                “I kind of answered this in the above question, but Playa del Puerto de Sagunto is a beach in Valencia, Spain. It’s my dream to go there one day and see it. Spanish, beachy vibes are really were I draw my inspiration. I love the laid back, but still chic look.”

3. What type of materials do you like to work with?

                 “I love working with faux leather or suede wraps. They’re sturdy and always give me a good product. They are versatile too and can go as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even keychains. I’m about to release a ceramic mug collection as well, and that has been my favorite thing to make so far.”

4. What types of tools do you use for your craft?

il_570xn-1224412714_fmvd                   “I use my hands and super glue. The simpler the better, in my opinion. When it’s possible to make beautiful pieces with your bare hands, I think that’s an opportunity to take advantage of. I like to feel what I’m making and remember how I got there. It’s easiest to do that when you use your bare hands.”

5. What do you want to accomplish in your Etsy business this year?

                   “This year, I really want to continue to build my brand and get Sagunto Designs out there. I want to bring a lot of people joy and comfort with my crafts and the only way to do that is if I reach a large base of people. I’m hoping that Etsy will help me project my brand even more!”

SaguntoDesigns is a great up and comer for this year! If you love a beachy and Spanish feel then head over and support her business! You can find her on etsy at as well as on instagram at


Meet Dawn and her business SandmanMetals! Dawn is a well established business woman on Etsy, and we definatley look up to her as a woman of wisdom on in the world of online art. She ranges from jewelry, to jewelry organizers, to home and garden decor with her lovely wire craftsmanship! Get to know her a little as we discuss what makes SandmanMetals.

icm_fullxfull-127883847_tt58ysjlp40k4kcg80wo                    “I come from a family of creators and have been decorating cakes and cross stitching since elementary school. Trips to the craft store and the second hand store are a common family adventure. It was on one of these trips that, just for fun, I picked up a beginners wire work kit and was hooked immediately. Besides working with wire, I love language and travel. In China, Ecuador and New York I’ve worked as an English teacher, and I learned to speak Spanish and Chinese. Drama, hiking and mountain climbing are also favorite activities. “

1.Where do you find your inspiration?

                 “Since I was born in Washington State in the USA, was raised in Ecuador, and studied in NY, Spain and China, I’ve seen a lot of beauty and had a wide range of influences. The rocky shores of the great lakes, the textiles of southwestern China, the Andean sun’s movement across the mountains, and the spectacular autumn colors of Western NY are all echoed in my wire work. Whether working with Amazonian nuts and seeds, Great Lakes driftwood or Outer Banks shells, I love incorporating nature into my metal work. I shape pieces out of copper, aluminum, brass or craft wire.” 

2.How do you make the most effective use of your time as a crafter?

                  “I try to manage my days by blocking out time for each aspect of my work; planning, buying, creating, and marketing. I enjoy each job in a different way, but my absolute favorite is creating! Sometimes I can’t help but abandon my plans for the day and make something new! This is where I find my joy.”

3.What do you find to be the biggest challenge in owning and running your own business?

   icm_fullxfull-127884235_49lhjonug7eo808gokow             “My biggest personal challenge is overcoming the obstacles I face as a narcoleptic with cataplexy. Every day, I’m excessively sleepy, have surprise sleep attacks, and get sudden muscle weakness called cataplexy which causes me to slump over or collapse without much warning. It is not the dramatized version you see in movies or comedy routines, but rather the real kind, and one that hundreds of thousands of people around the world struggle with. Despite these challenges, I am determined to keep building my business.” 

4.What is your greatest strength and how does it benefit you as a Crafter?

                 “I’d say that my natural creativity is my greatest strength. I love coming up with new ideas and designs. Translating my inspirations into new pieces motivates me and the drive to create helps me to push through the hard times. “

5.What are your career goals when it comes to your Etsy shop?

           “My goal with Sandman Metals is to fully support myself financially doing something I love. Working for myself, I am able to have the flexible schedule that my condition demands. My aim is to create beautifully unique, quality pieces of jewelry and art while promoting a better understanding and awareness of narcolepsy and cataplexy. “


We love SandmanMetals and all Dawn’s inspiration from around the world. If you are a wire wrapped jewelry fan, then you can find Sandman Metals at  on Etsy at you can follow Dawn on all her social medias such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter below as well as shop with her on Amazon!!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our Monthly Friendship Shop Feature for June. We’ve met some incredible ladies with some amazing business ideas. These women have the courage to go for what they want and be who they want to be, striving to better themselves in their worlds, and to make a difference through their art and fashion. We hope they’ve inspired you to reach for the stars and be your own boss, and encourage you to reach out to any one of them with questions about their skills, or business know how. They are all supportive and powerful females who would love to hear your feedback. And if you see something you love we urge you to shop, and support any one of these lovely ladies in their endeavors!

                  With love,

 Vandera Stuff


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