Wednesday Feature Sale! 50% off Home Decor!

This week we are offering you all our hip and cool home decor items at 50% off!! Made with a vintage, bohemian style, all our beautiful cozy home items are filled with love. Come on over to Vandera Stuff to check out this amazing sale using code COZYHOME50!


imageWe believe macrame is making another resurgence with this raver hippie scene. Peace, love, and Unity is definitely represented within the knots of this amazing wall decor. Bringing strength in bond and togetherness, this lovely piece would be great as a home welcoming gift to a close friend or as a gift to yourself in order to bring a positive flow into your home. This gorgeous and intricate wall hanging is made with light string, and a dark dowel for contrast. It could be brought into almost any vibe and still work perfectly!

image Macramé comes from a 13th-century Arabic weavers’ word migramah meaning “fringe”, and this lovely wall hanging definitely embodies that. With the 70’s trend this Arabic style art form became a lovely bohemian adopted art that to us brings forth a togetherness amongst artists and cultures. Bohemian and eclectic, this gorgeous home decor piece is unique and one of a kind as always at Vandera Stuff!


We love Healing Crystals here at Vandera Stuff, so finding unique and exciting mays to display them around our homes is key to our cozy home style. This black suede boho home decor is made with a bright and earthy stone of Chrysoprase at it’s centre. We were also thinking it would look brilliant hanging in a window with the sun catching the colour.


DSC_0058We also have her sister in Pink Himalayan Salt. This pretty Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Stone is placed in the centre of a ring of suede. Accented with some earthy and opalescent snail shells this lovely baby makes for a beautiful sun catcher or as we have displayed as a wall hanging. Pink halite rock salt is said to be excellent for both physical and emotional heart problems. Salts are associated primarily with the root (base) chakra, though salts with different colours also are associated with the related colour chakras. All types of salts are related to the Earth element.

We love all things home decor and feel that home style goes such a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere and energy flow. Let us help you add the perfect pieces to create a bohemian flow within your personal space and use our code COZYHOME50 to save today!


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