Boho Aromatherapy Choker Necklace with Gypsy Charm on Leather

Our sense of smell is a very powerful thing. It can be exciting, calming, soothing, and even bring joy. Smell can create physical reactions as well as emotional ones, and in our lives plays a part in meditation.


We’ve studied the effects of certain smells and how they play on our personal emotions in order to develop this cute little charm necklace with our personal mixture of essential oils. With hints of Lemon, Rose, and Patchouli, we drip about 2-3 drops onto the coloured felt within the cage. The heat of our hearts warms the oils throughout the day, giving off its lovely scent.

imageLemon and Rose are scents of cleansing. Together they uplift the spirit and help to rid of heavy emotions. Patchouli is also a healer for depression. Like when you set foot in nature, it helps to release negative thoughts and energies, grounding from any anxieties you feel though out the day. Breathe deep in times of stress, the light scent will carry you in those moments and lift you up with scents of pleasure.


When ordering you can choose from 6 different colours, placed on a natural leather cord! We have 6 lovely colours to choose from as seem below from left to right including Ice Blue -Ocean -Olive -Mulberry -Pastel Violet -Aster.


imageWe also send you a 5ml bottle of our essential oils. We ship it to you without the oils on it already and encourage you to design your own scents, or in case you already have. 5mls goes a very long way as you only need 2-3 drops at a time 🙂

18157556_757674651059794_8860553407541732710_nWe have had a few requests to make this in a choker. If you would like this then just send us a message!

At Vandera Stuff, we really value self care. Aromatherapy in your life is such a lovely and small step you can take for yourself. Try it out!

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