Vandera Stuff’s Shout Outs!- Building Community of Feminine Artists

This is the first month of our Shout Outs! In this article we will help you get to know 5 of our New Friends, spotlighting their art and style, as well as getting to know them personally! Check out these amazing women who are pushing boundaries with their own businesses and creating a world where anything is possible!

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We at Vandera Stuff have a major passion for crystals, and infact this is a big factor in what has brought us to jewelry design as our art. This week at Vandera Stuff we are featuring all our gorgeous healing stone and crystal jewelry at 50% off

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Vandera’s Best Loved

We are introducing yet another way to get to know us here at Vandera Stuff! Every month we are going to bring to you a list of 5 of our Favourite things from food, fashion, and adventures around Vancouver, BC.

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Today we are offering all our gorgeous and fun bracelets made with semi precious healing crystals at 50% off! We are excited to bring you these amazing deals on all our gorgeous hippie chic bohemian love beads, letting you in on the exclusive code BRACELETS50 when you shop with us!

Birthstones of June

June is one of two lucky months that has the privilege of having 3 stones associated with its cycle. Moonstone, Perl and Alexandrite are the highlight of this month!

Boho Aromatherapy Choker Necklace with Gypsy Charm on Leather

Our sense of smell is a very powerful thing. It can be exciting, calming, soothing, and even bring joy. Smell can create physical reactions as well as emotional ones, and in our lives plays a part in meditation. We’ve studied the effects of certain smells and how they play on our personal emotions in order…