50% Off Sale All May Long Weekend!

Celebrate the Long Weekend with us and treat yourself!


imageWe are hosting an amazing spring sale that gives you the best opportunity to pick up your favourite crystals and home decor items! Come on over to Vandera Stuff until Monday May 22nd 2017 at midnight! Then at the time of purchase just use code SPRING50 when you spend $25 or more.

Maybe you know of something for yourself, maybe you’ll see a gift for a friend. I bet we know the perfect thing for your bride’s maids, or your wedding hairstyle, and we also bet we know that perfect festival fashion for you and your best bud. We love crystal jewelry and all the power they bring when they’re highlighted upon your beautiful neckline.

Crystals bring so much energy. They allow the wearer to connect with themselves, and weather you believe in their power or just love their beauty, it doesn’t matter. You are still brought a sense of connection to the mineral and the Earth herself.


We also wanted to remind you that when you purchase with us you are automatically entered to win in our Friendship Freebie Giveaway Draw at the end of each month! If you win you would receive your pick of you shop $15 and under, shipped to you totally on us! We are building our community and want you to be apart of it, and we encourage all our customers to keep in touch as we see them as friends now! Also for a limited time you can get on our inner circle without becoming a customer by joining our mailing list! if you do, you too will be entered to win in our monthly draw without having to do anything but sign up. This allows you access to all the exclusives our customers receive, so follow the link below to sign up!!

Join the List!


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