Vandera Stuff, in the Spotlight!

Today the lovely Celeste over at dANKEdESIGN studio in Washington DC, USA has done a spot light full length feature on us at Vandera Stuff!! We were interviewed via the powers of the internet by her and she has created this amazing post highlighting who we are, our beliefs, and what drives us as business women in this modern world.

tumblr_omf7w9oGwX1w7brwto1_1280Women who have their own businesses are strong, supportive people and we aim to create a community of like minded women and store owners who are looking to build and grow together. Friendship is key for us. We believe the connections we make with other strong small businesses as well as our customers is what will help and inspire us as crafters. dANKEdESIGN has the right idea! She’s doing an amazing job with some really creative ideas in order to grow her community, and we are so excited to have her spotlight us! Please head over and like her page, and if you are a jewelry shop looking to grow your community then she is the friend for you! 


We believe our greatest strength is being young women in business. Our generation lives at the forefront of trend and this helps us stay on top of growth. We want to expand our network into that of a sharing social hub for the modern millennial woman. We want to create a platform of female empowerment that encourages other young women to push their limits and create their dreams out of nothing. Inspired by the wisdom and knowledge of women before us, and expanding the minds of the business world.

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