Want to know if you hold psychic powers?

Something I believe exists with in all humans is the ability to connect with those we care about in ways we don’t normally realize.


Ever get a feeling of doom before receiving some bad news about a loved one? Ever have the ability to feel a loved ones dread, pain, laughter and happiness while they are not even near you?

75fb3b39de07261338f2e16a33aa7df8This is something I myself experience on a regular basis and most in particular with my partner. I can feel him worry, his fears and doubts, and his pain all while it is happening, sometimes before I know its happening. Like when you think your phone is ringing and you check it and it’s not. Then suddenly while its in your hand, it’s your best friend calling!

Call is women’s intuition, human collective consciousness, or universal pull. Physic ability exists.

Check out the article below for a wonderful blog meant to help you harness your psychic powers and abilities!

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