Welcome to Vandera Stuff

Our store is a collective between two best friends who have known each other since middle school. We love music, playing instruments and singing, cooking with friends, Tv show marathons, Laughing at stupid jokes, and most of all art projects! We created this store as a way to showcase our projects and art.

The two of us enjoy getting crafty together and decided it was time we share it with the world. We both have very different styles but compliment each other in the best of ways. Aj being more natural and detail oriented and Tasha more experimental and eccentric, we have a wide range style for many to connect with.

imageTasha is a 24 year old Homelessness Support Worker who finds helping people to be a big source of happiness, but has a need for artistic creativity! She keeps herself driven with projects and busy with art. Tasha thrives off change, always switching things up and trying something new. She loves art experimentation and trying out new mediums, and sometimes the outcome is beautifully amazing. She loves dancing at concerts around Vancouver, eating at new restaurants with loved ones, and most of all her cat Avey!


Aj is a 24 year old graphic designer with an eye for detail and passion for the arts. She excels in music and has a taste for freelance artistry, driving her to be her own boss. She as well is a projects person, keeping her busy on different things all the time, but whatever she does, care and detail are always at the foremost of importance in her work. Aj loves attending concerts around Vancouver, meeting new people, sushi and chocolate, and just spending time with loved ones.


We created this store as a way to showcase our projects! We wanted it to be a collective because we believe in a communal way of business, sharing it together to create stronger connections with customers. We want you to feel like you are receiving a gift from a close friend, like it was handcrafted for only you and one of a kind. We bring out heart and soul into each piece of art because we know that kind of care can be felt by the true owner as they enjoy their special find. Every piece in our store is inspired by you, a beauty in each its own special way! A genuine original!

If you would like to have a look at our lovely shop please follow the link to shop @ Vandera Stuff

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